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Whether you have grown up since childhood in Santa Monica or have moved to the area recently, one of the biggest needs that car and truck owners have throughout the year is finding a quality car wash service that can take care of your needs. At Santa Monica Mobile Detailing, we not only understand the need of Southern California residents to find a high quality car wash service, but have more than 15 years of experience of bringing the car wash to you. We take great pride in our highly trained and experienced mobile team’s level of performance to take care of your automobiles auto detailing Venice needs. In order to ensure you enjoy peace of mind when hiring us to come to your home, place of work, or other suitable location through the greater Santa Monica area, our company retains all of the appropriate permits, insurance, and guarantees conformance with all state and local regulations for working on your car or truck throughout the local area. We are the premier:

  • Car wash Santa Monica
  • Car wash Venice
  • Car wash Pacific Palisades
  • Car wash Malibu

When a customer hires us for our full service, hand car wash, we will go to great lengths to make sure you will never again want to wash your car on your own again. We start out the service by taking the time to thoroughly clean the inside of your car or truck using a vacuum. Next, if you have selected a service where we can apply water to the outside of your vehicle, our mobile car wash team will spray the entire vehicle with a high pressure wash to help remove many of the pesky things that seem to collect to our cars and trucks such as tree sap, bird droppings, and even mud. Once we’ve removed the “heavy” stuff, our technicians will then use a hand mitt to use soapy water to clean the main body of your automobile. Now, we move to cleaning your car or truck’s wheels to get rid of the break dust and then wipe down the tires.

Once our technicians have the car ready, they will then proceed to rinse and hand dry your car or truck with hand towels. We also know how annoying it can be for your automobile’s windows to not be clear, so we take some time to clean all of the vehicle’s windows on both the inside and exterior of the automobile. We then, wrap up our car washing process by dusting the center console and your car or truck’s dash followed by wiping down all of the door jams. If we notice anything out of the ordinary during our basic car wash service, our leading technician will bring to your attention immediately so that you can make a smart decision on any additional work you would like our team to accomplish while we are working on your vehicle.

Now, many of our clients at Santa Monica Mobile Detailing want to enjoy a more comprehensive cleaning service that simply washing their car when hiring our mobile detailing teams. In order to respond to this demand, we now offer a variety of services that provide our customers with a tiered approach to deep cleaning their automobiles. Our expert team of technicians are capable of not only washing your car or truck, but also are well versed in the various methods of waxing your automobile. You are also free to mix and match our services. For one example, if you are able to otherwise keep the interior of your automobile clean, we can save you some money by only focusing on the external components of your vehicle. Conversely, we also offer services that are solely focused on cleaning the inside of your automobile. Many of our regular customers; however, both want and need us to pay attention to the full scope of cleaning their automobile which our technicians are happy to provide. No matter what your needs are; however, please give our sales staff a call to see how our mobile car wash technicians can best help you feel comfortable again in your personal or work vehicle.

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